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Zimbra OSE Backing Up And Restoring Process

In my future series of articles onmost requested features by Zimbra admins, I will discuss the details about the advantage and disadvantages of various manually created backup and restoration process...
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Advanced Administrative Tools for Zimbra with Zextras Suite

Administrative tools is the collective name for several advanced tools in Zextras suite that facilitates a lot of tasks for Zimbra system administrators. These tools cover a wide range of...
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Single Item Restore for Zimbra with Zextras Suite

Restoring only a single item is one of the most common problems an administrator faces. It can easily take the administrator half a day to restore the whole account and...
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Monitoring Zextras Docs using Prometheus

Collect and correctly display metrics is the best (sometimes the only) way to understand how single software components or the entire infrastructure is working and performing. You can use the...
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Centralized Storage for Zimbra with Zextras Suite

Centralized storage drastically improves mailbox move speed and facilitates data management. This positive impact on time and resources is even more evident in large-scale infrastructures. What Is Centralized Storage Centralized...
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Advanced Volume Operations for Zimbra with Zextras Suite

Zextras suite storage management system or Powerstore provides Zimbra users with four very useful volume operations which are only available through the CLI to avoid any volume management errors. These...
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How we solved the issue of updating Zimbra 9

So, finally, we can provide an updated (latest patch) version of Zimbra 9.0! Go ahead to read why we were able to do that and how to get it. Why...
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Items Deduplication and File Compression for Zimbra with Zextras Suite

Zextras suite item deduplication and file compression allow you to save disk space by compressing files and storing only one copy of each item. It will save you a lot...
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