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Zimbra 9 Open Source Edition Build by Zextras

Zextras as the leading developer of Zimbra extensions released its own build for the popular Zimbra mail server. This build is based on Zimbra's official repositories after discovering that there...
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Load Balancing Overview

With this article we want to go over a general overview of load balancing. We're going to get a better understanding of what it is, how it works, and what...
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Split Domain

The Split Domain tecnique allows to share an email domain between two distinct email systems. When is worth using Split Domain ? The Split Domain tecnique is particularly useful in...
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Regarding spam protection strategies in Zimbra, a mention deserves SpamAssassin, an Open Source anti-spam platform that can provide system administrators with a filter that can classify emails and block spam....
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Speaking about Virtual Machines, a topic we've covered in a series of articles related to networking, it's inevitable to come across Hypervisors. In this article we are going to see...
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Zimbra ends support for older versions of Ubuntu, Oracle and CentOS/RHEL

In a phase of renewal and evolution of operating systems and the various Linux distributions, one aspect to pay attention to is that of support for old versions. Distros End...
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Zimbra on Mobile Devices

Nowadays, the role of smartphones and various mobile devices is increasingly relevant even in the business world. If initially we could think of the phone as a simple communication tool,...
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Firewall ports in Zimbra

One of the main weapons of modern cybercriminals is the port scanner, thanks to which they find servers that are susceptible to certain vulnerabilities and then attack them. That is...
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