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Advanced Volume Operations for Zimbra with Zextras Suite

Zextras suite storage management system or Powerstore provides Zimbra users with four very useful volume operations which are only available through the CLI to avoid any volume management errors. These...
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How we solved the issue of updating Zimbra 9

So, finally, we can provide an updated (latest patch) version of Zimbra 9.0! Go ahead to read why we were able to do that and how to get it. Why...
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Items Deduplication and File Compression for Zimbra with Zextras Suite

Zextras suite item deduplication and file compression allow you to save disk space by compressing files and storing only one copy of each item. It will save you a lot...
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Digital Transformation & Change Management – Email Clients Shortcomings

This is the first article of the series Digital Transformation & Change Management. In this article, we will talk about email clients' differences and in particular some of their insufficiencies...
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Load Balancing Overview

With this article we want to go over a general overview of load balancing. We're going to get a better understanding of what it is, how it works, and what...
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Split Domain

The Split Domain tecnique allows to share an email domain between two distinct email systems. When is worth using Split Domain ? The Split Domain tecnique is particularly useful in...
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Regarding spam protection strategies in Zimbra, a mention deserves SpamAssassin, an Open Source anti-spam platform that can provide system administrators with a filter that can classify emails and block spam....
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Speaking about Virtual Machines, a topic we've covered in a series of articles related to networking, it's inevitable to come across Hypervisors. In this article we are going to see...
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