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Mailbox Move is a function present in Zextras Powerstore. Through the command doMailboxMove, an action is performed to let you move all of the accounts inside a domain or a set of them (even just one if needed), from a storage server to another one. How it Works Before starting...

Zimbra CLI Commands: Calendar Resources

In this article we are going to see how to manage Calendar Resources with CLI Commands using zmprov. As usual, for every command, we will show you the extendend and short form along with the syntax to be used. Remember that all commands are intended to be executed logging in...

Zimbra CLI Commands: Mailbox Management

Using CLI, you can manage mailboxes in Zimbra with different command options. In this article we are going to start with an overview of zmprov commands. Then we will take a brief introduction to zmmailbox. ZMPROV COMMANDS As mentioned above, we are going to start with some zmprov CLI commands...

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Disaster Recovery Scenario

I'd like to start with a point-blank question: What would happen if you suddenly lost all or most of your company's data, all emails and email attachments, if your company's operations were forced to come to a sudden halt? That would be a completely Disaster. Don’t you agree? And that’s...

Mail Backup: An important practice

Today we want to talk about an important practice that is too often overlooked or improperly used: Mail Backup. Normally a Sys Admin or an IT manager, knows the importance of making backup of user’s data, but often they don't consider it so necessary in everyday life, reserving it only...

Zextras goes remote (if you want)

2020 was a really educational experience for us. Our company grew not only in numbers, but also as we learnt how to be organized without being physically together. This opened to new international opportunities. As many companies, we had to close the offices in March 2020. However, being a digital...

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