We are happy to announce that Zextras will speak at FOSDEM 2022 in the online Collaboration and Content Management devroom, February 5th 4PM CET – 4.30PM CET with the tech workshop “How to overcome development challenges when building self-hosted collaboration platform – Our experience with Carbonio Community Edition”.


While the world is moving toward SaaS and Cloud infrastructures, many companies want to keep things in a self-hosted platform or in a private cloud. We’ll talk about all the challenges of building a product that gives users complete control over their data, and how we overcame them, such as migrating from a monolith to services to allow scalability, managing secure service discovery, detaching database from the infrastructure, or managing an easy service installation without any orchestrator. In January, we have released Carbonio CE (Community Edition) source code to show the results of our work. Contributors are welcome!


FOSDEM is the central event about open-source, taking place yearly in Bruxelles for more than 20 years. It aims to increasingly spread the usage of free and open source software, but it also allows developers and open-source enthusiasts to meet, collaborate, and discover new projects.