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Understanding Mail Forwarding or Aliasing In Zimbra | Zimbra

Mail aliasing is another form of mail forwarding. In earlier days of postfix, we used to configure email aliases to forward emails. In this article, we will check the details...
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Legitimate Interests & the GDPR: the Easy Guide | Blog

Article 6 GDPR identifies legitimate interests as a legal basis for lawfully processing personal data. Legitimate interests are considered the most flexible lawful basis for processing, but that doesn't mean...
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How To Process Sensitive Personal Data And Avoid Sanctions According To The GDPR | Blog

Not all personal data is sensitive. But when it is, the GDPR goes to great lengths to ensure it is processed with the utmost attention.  In this article, we'll explain...
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Managing Email Address And User Account with GUI & CLI | Zimbra

A system admin performs various tasks on the Zimbra server. But if we make a list of them, managing email accounts/addresses will be in the top 5. In this guide,...
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What Does the GDPR Say About Consent? | Blog

If you know anything about the GDPR (and if you've ever surfed the internet after the Regulation went into force), you'll know that consent is one of the legal basis...
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Import/Export Feature In Zimbra | Zimbra

A regular user or a system administrator may need to import/export the data from their own email account or other user's email account. In this guide, we will see how...
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