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High Availability for Mail Servers without Breaking the Bank! It Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive | Blog

E-mail is one of the most popular communication mediums in the world. It has become a necessity for many organizations and businesses, as it is a cost-effective way to communicate...
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4 Important Requirements of a Backup System for E-mail Servers | Blog

The third-party backup solutions offered for e-mail servers are insufficient and don’t suit the needs of many organizations. They provide manual features and fall short in terms of backup and...
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Enterprise-class Collaboration Tools, But No Cloud? It’s Possible. | Blog

We have a solution for you if you're looking for enterprise-level features to build a digital workplace but don't want to expose your data to the cloud. Zextras Carbonio is...
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How Zextras Carbonio Helps Organizations to Expand Their Business Efficiently | Blog

Scalability is the ability to size your IT infrastructure to accommodate changes such as demand for more storage or an increase in the number of users. This can be done...
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Which Organizations Benefit Most from Zextras Carbonio? | Blog

E-mails, virtual communication, and instant messaging solutions keep organizations alive. Considering how fast the digital workplace concept is evolving, a robust e-mail and collaboration platform is crucial to creating a...
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How to Transfer E-mails, Calendars, and Contacts from Outlook to Carbonio Community Edition | Carbonio

When migrating from Microsoft Exchange to Carbonio CE, the challenge is to migrate employee-critical data such as e-mails, address books, and appointments from Outlook to the Carbonio CE server. This...
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