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So you've planned your very first date. You shaved and got a new haircut. Your clothes are ready and the venue is ready. Your date just texted that they're on their way. What else could be missing? If you're wondering what could be missing from this otherwise perfect setting, the answer is simple: music.


Whether you're going on a date with an old friend or a stranger you met through a Russian mail order bride service, music is the best choice for a great night. With the right choice of song, you can set the perfect atmosphere for your date.


Why do you need music on a first date?


Mp3 download songs You're probably thinking, "Why on earth do we need music when we can just have a conversation?" If you're still not sure why you need music on a first date, here are a few reasons to convince you:


It's the perfect icebreaker


Let's face it: first dates can be very awkward. If you haven't connected with your date beforehand, chances are you'll have a few minutes of awkward silence at first. However, in most cases, music is a great first date icebreaker. For example, you could play a specific song that your date knows and that would serve as a conversation starter.


It connects you with your date


Want to connect with your date on a deeper level? Well, nothing hits like a romantic song. It's a well-known fact that music brings people together, and in your case, it could be the perfect opportunity to connect with your date and learn more about yourself.


For example, you can learn more about each other's musical tastes, giving you insight into their personalities and interests.


The best romantic first date songs


Now that we've established that music is the best wingman for any first date, it's time to get to the heart of the matter. What songs should you play on a romantic date? It can be hard to pick the right song, especially if your date is a random stranger you met through a Ukrainian bride matchmaking app.


How Deep is Your Love - Barry Gibb, Robin Gibb, The Grease Band


It might seem weird to start a first date by playing a stunning love song, but if you're trying to create a romantic aura for your date, How Deep is Your Love is the perfect choice. It tells the story of a man deeply in love who wants to know if a woman feels the same way about him.


This song's relaxing effect and heartfelt lyrics make it the perfect backdrop for any date. This means you can have this song playing softly in the background as you learn more about each other. It is a memory that will stay in your heart forever.


I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing - Aerosmith


Finding someone new to spend all your time with is an exciting experience. I Don't Want to Miss a Thing is the perfect song to bring those emotions to your date. This song's edgy vocals, instrumentals and romantic lyrics set the right tone for a romantic date and are sure to add to the buzz of the night. While it's not a hot new song, its classic melody and undertones will have you planning your future and choosing baby names together.

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