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Dog Breeds that Help in Managing Anxiety & Stress


Looking for a dog breed that can help you manage anxiety and stress? Don’t worry, reading this article will help you learn about some of the breeds that can help you with psychological disorders. However, before looking for a dog that can serve as an emotional support animal, then you should look for a Licensed Mental Health Practitioner (LMHP), who can help you get an esa letter. It is as important for the pet, as home to human beings. The ESA letter ensures permission to live and travel with the dog.

         After evaluation from the LMHP, they will write the letter, if you fit the criteria. After that, it is important to look for accessories that can ensure the comfort level of the pet. The accessories include grooming kids, better food, a snuffle mat for dogs, and crates that are designed exclusively for pets. All these objects and articles are necessary to ensure that the dog is living a very comfortable life because pets make sure that you are living an anxious and stress-free life.


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         There are some common and affordable dogs that can help you live an anxious and stress-free life. Some of the most affectionate dog breeds are as follows:


1-  Gentle Giants, they are bear-like and love water so you can have one if you live near a sea or a beach.

2-  A standard poodle is also one of the best dog breeds that you can have because these dogs are friendly, smart, and optimistic. These qualities are great emotional support animals also they are hypo-allergic.

3-  Welsh Corgi is one of the short-legged categories. These cuties can grow rowdy sometimes but they are some great service pups

4-  Great Danes are recognizable for their size but they are valued for their stress-relieving abilities. This breed is very quiet, playful, trustworthy, and affectionate

5-  Cocker Spaniel is easy to train, they are difficult to spook, and they are highly motivated to ensure the pleasure and comfort of the owner. So, you can have this dog as well.

6-  Boxer is another dog breed that is known to have some very positive traits such as they are good at emotional intelligence and they are loyal.  This breed is known for its love as it helps the owner feel loved and needed.

7-  Dachshund is one of the dog breeds that are cuddly and protective. They can help to reduce stress and anxiety by ensuring the best and comfortable company.

8-  Yorkshire terrier has a reputation of being small enough to fit in the purse but the personality of the dog is well suited for someone who suffers from anxiety and depression. The dog is capable of making strong bonds with people so it is just a perfect choice.

9-  Gold Retrievers are one of the best breeds that can help you deal with stress and anxiety because the dogs enjoy having people around them. The dogs also need a lot of exercises so it will help the owner develop a healthy lifestyle.

10-  Bichon Frises are known to be very lovely, active, and affectionate because they are very adorable. These dogs can help in coping with anxiety and depression because they enjoy living with people and they don’t need great maintenance if you have esa letter for housing.

11-  Havanese are very fluffy, super cute and they are a smaller breed that can be kept very easily. These dogs are very calm and they provide great supporting service. One can buy these dogs for reducing any kind of psychological disorder because of the powerful and positive vibes that are reflected by the playful personality of the dog. 


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