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Speaking about Virtual Machines, a topic we've covered in a series of articles related to networking, it's inevitable to come across Hypervisors. In this article we are going to see...
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Zimbra ends support for older versions of Ubuntu, Oracle and CentOS/RHEL

In a phase of renewal and evolution of operating systems and the various Linux distributions, one aspect to pay attention to is that of support for old versions. Distros End...
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Zimbra on Mobile Devices

Nowadays, the role of smartphones and various mobile devices is increasingly relevant even in the business world. If initially we could think of the phone as a simple communication tool,...
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Firewall ports in Zimbra

One of the main weapons of modern cybercriminals is the port scanner, thanks to which they find servers that are susceptible to certain vulnerabilities and then attack them. That is...
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How to setup External Active Directory Authentication

With this article we are going to see how to configure, through the administrative interface, the external authentication to Active Directory in Zimbra. Configuration After logging in to the AdminUI,...
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How to install and update Let’s encrypt for Zimbra

Using certificates to secure your data and mail traffic is something that is extremely important. We have seen, in the " Zimbra SSL/TLS Commercial Certificate " article, how they work...
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Zimbra Collaboration Suite and Anti-Phishing

Let's get back to dealing with security and especially email security, going to address a delicate and extremely important topic like Phishing and see what measures can be taken in...
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Enterprise Security black, white and gray lists

Zimbra incorporates a spam filter that allows you to reliably protect your company's mail from receiving infected messages that are not related to business correspondence. We've seen how to manage...
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