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Zextras joins the Coalition for Competitive Digital Markets (C4DM) | Blog

Zextras joined the Coalition for Competitive Digital Markets, which aims not only to open the digital market to European companies to boost their potentials, but mostly to give the customers more freedom in the choice of the software they want to use.

Currently, “gatekeepers” dominate the market, leaving the customers with a few choices and managing to maintain a monopoly. The main points C4DM is addressing are interoperability, bundling, and anticompetitive default setting through pre-installation.

Our company has been serving the need for compliance for many years, starting from the Italian PA and then offering GDPR-compliant products to every European organization and company that needed it. Moreover, our commitment to data protection is now even more robust, thanks to the latest product we launched, which aims to make users achieve data sovereignty easier. The coalition is made up of more than 50 European companies of 12 different countries and we feel it’s our place to be.

“We do think that it’s easier to achieve common goals together,” Paolo Storti comments. “This is why we decided to take part in this coalition, joining many other European companies, which share the same goals with us.” We might develop different products and serve different targets. However, we recognized we have the common objective of offering users a varied and solid market to choose from, respecting data sovereignty and privacy.

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