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Carbonio Community Edition is available! | Blog

Today we have finally released the first Release Candidate (RC) of Zextras Carbonio CE, our brand-new open-source e-mail and collaboration platform available in 14 languages.

The solution includes a server with built-in antivirus/antispam, IMAP/POP3, administration console, a modern reactive web user interface, and native mobile applications for iOS and Android.

If you are interested, you can download Carbonio Community Edition from our website.

Then, follow the instructions in the email you receive and the documentation instructions to install it with Ubuntu packages. Alternatively, you can try Carbonio CE using the virtual machines, which link you find in the email. If you are brave enough, you can even try to build it from scratch!

What’s next?

In the coming weeks, we will keep working on:

  • Bug fixing;
  • Improve usability, performances, and security;
  • Build native packages for other Linux Distributions (Ubuntu 20 & RHEL);
  • Update third parties components;
  • Support for multi-server installation;
  • Improve the build system of Carbonio CE;

You can expect to have updated packages at least once a week for the first period.

Moreover, next month we will have three major additions to our platform: Carbonio Files that will let you manage and edit documents directly in the platform, tags support across the product, and service discovery and service mesh integration.

Later this year, we plan to release a component to manage Chats and Video chats, a new AdminUI to let System Admins easily manage the product, and native mobile APPS both for Files and Chats modules.

Carbonio CE will be an evolving project always aligned with our latest developments. Your feedback and contribution are fundamental to reaching the production-ready status as soon as possible!

Let’s take back control of our data!

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