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Enterprise-class Collaboration Tools, But No Cloud? It’s Possible Using On-premise Servers. | Blog

We have a solution for you if you’re looking for enterprise-level features to build a digital workplace but don’t want to expose your data to the cloud.

Zextras Carbonio is an on-premises software that provides enterprise-level communication tools and security measures with auditing capabilities. That means you can enjoy all the benefits of Zextras Carbonio without ever worrying about exposing your data to the internet or a third party. Plus, it’s fully customizable and easy to maintain.

Many organizations, either by law or their internal policies, don’t tolerate handing their data to a cloud service provider. This article will talk about a recent conundrum raised by the popularity of cloud services; using full-fledged communication tools without relying on cloud services.

Zextras Carbonio is a full-stack email and collaboration platform emphasizing data privacy.

Cloud and Privacy

If you’re responsible for your organization’s data security, you may be thinking: “I don’t want to put my data in someone else’s hands.” Or maybe you’re seeing an increase in regulations about how and where a company can store its data such as GDPR. Either way, it can be tempting just to keep things in-house, but this can mean sacrificing access to all kinds of modern collaboration tools using cloud services.

Luckily, Zextras Carbonio allows organizations to have enterprise-level features such as video conferencing, collaborative editing, and file management without exposing their data to the cloud. This means you can benefit from all the tools your competitors are using without putting your or your customers’ information at risk. You can read more about Carbonio features in our community blog:

How Carbonio Solves Your Privacy Problem?

Security is a growing concern for many organizations, and it’s not always easy to ensure that your data stays safe. But as more corporations find themselves with critical infrastructure in the cloud, how can you be sure your data is secure?

Let’s take a quick look at how Carbonio resolves privacy and compliance issues commonly associated with cloud services:

  • On-premise infrastructure
  • Private cloud

On-premise Infrastructure

One way to keep your data out of the cloud is to utilize on-premises infrastructure that has application features usually found in cloud services.

Zextras Carbonio offers an e-mail and collaboration platform with all servers deployed on your premises. This gives you 100% control over your infrastructure and data. Zextras Carbonio allows teams to collaborate without moving their data into the cloud. The product has all the same enterprise-class features that users have come to expect from centralized file share solutions and internal communication platforms but keeps all of your data behind a corporate firewall.

Private Cloud

Private clouds offer cloud-based services that can be accessed only by an organization’s private network. Deploying Zextras Carbonio on a private cloud can provide organizations with a security level similar to what they’d get from an on-premise server because their data and applications are not accessible from outside the company’s firewall.

However, one of the advantages of using a private cloud is the pay-as-you-go model that allows organizations to avoid upfront costs and long-term commitments.

However, unlike an on-premise server, private cloud data centers can be located anywhere based on the cloud service provider you choose to work with. Therefore private clouds need additional consideration when it comes to compliance with data protection regulations such as GDPR.

Why Are Many Organizations Shifting from Cloud to On-premise Servers?

Cloud services have been a convenient way to store information for many years. They’re easy to set up, accessible from anywhere, and allow small businesses to focus on what’s more vital for them to grow.

But with the advent of GDPR and similar regulations, many organizations are now turning away from cloud computing. Some have already shifted their data back onto on-premise servers, while others are still weighing their options.

It’s not hard to see why this is happening. Here are some of the most known reasons:

  • Easier to manage – First of all, it’s easier for an organization to manage its servers than relying on a third party.
  • More Control – Organizations may want to move back onto on-premise servers because they want more control over how other parties use that data.
  • Security – Organizations that store their data on the cloud must be aware that their data is not safe from threats. On the other hand, when an organization uses its servers, it will get complete control over its data, and it will be able to protect it from any vulnerability that might exist due to third-party control over its data.
  • Costs – It is also another reason why many companies are shifting from cloud services to their servers because it helps them reduce their costs as they have more flexibility in provisioning, appliances, and upgrades.
  • Customization – When you use the cloud, you are limited to features and functionalities defined in your service. On-premise servers are a better choice for organizations that require customizability. They are also helpful for organizations with large amounts of data or those requiring high computing power levels.
  • Privacy Compliance – This is because complying with GDPR is one of the most important reasons for making this change. With many businesses still facing challenges regarding compliance, moving data back onto on-premise servers can help streamline your efforts and ensure that you are meeting all of the requirements.

To comply with GDPR, companies need to have a comprehensive understanding of how they store and manage their data. Read more about GDPR:

Not the End of the World – Carbonio as the Solution

Zextras Carbonio offers you competitive and enterprise-class features while maintaining control over your infrastructure, and complying with data protection regulations, making Carbonio one of the top choices for organizations looking to expand their reach into the digital world. Private communication features such as video conferencing, file management, and collaborative document editing using a flexible, scalable, and highly available infrastructure equipped with advanced storage management, real-time backup, disaster recovery, and a secure authentication system, to name a few.


For too long, organizations have been forced to choose between using a hosted solution that compromises their data security and compliance with regulations or maintaining control over their infrastructure and losing out on the benefits of cloud-based services.

Zextras Carbonio is the first solution that allows you to reap both benefits: it’s not just secure and compliant; it also offers high-end features like video conferencing, file management, email, and collaborative editing — all while maintaining control over your infrastructure.

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