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CentOS is dying: What's next?

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Ok Ok, I know. CentOS will not really die, but for sure it will no longer be the one we know and have come to appreciate over the years. Last december, in fact, Red Hat CTO Chris Wright and CentOS Community Manager Rich Bowen announced a big change for the future of CentOS Linux. Now…

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I have been moving to RHEL8/Oracle 8 (via their script) helpful when your cloud provider only supports Centos for our Zimbra installs. So far no issues and the conversion can happen without a reboot provided you are not using their Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel (UEK) which ironically will prevent reboots in the future for future kernel patches.

My recipe if it helps others:

wget ''
chmod 755
./ -kV


EOL for Oracle 8/RHEL8 July 2029.