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A few questions about Carbonio CE

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Hi! I found out about Carbonio just today and I'm interested in trying it out, but I have a few doubts about the product, if you don't mind:

1- Is Carbonio CE production ready? I'm willing to migrate an existing Zimbra installation with 5 domains and about 500 email accounts if it is

2- If CE it's NOT production ready, what about the commercial Carbonio?

3- I understand the backup module is just for the commercial version, is that right? If I want to implement any custom backup solution using CE version, could I use the API? I ask this because, as we all know, the API in Zimbra is pretty much broken, and solutions relying on it (like old and reliable zmbackup script) are not a safe option


Thank you in advance, and congrats for the project, it's been a while since I came across one that catch my attention

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Hi cristianbraun, 
this is Luca, Carbonio's product owner. 

To answer your question, let me clarify that Carbonio is an open-core project. By this, I mean that Carbonio is built on the same core as Carbonio CE, and it already covers all the features needed for a production environment.

However, we are working hard to improve the UI and the BE in every release, and we assume you upgrade your infrastructure on every release.

If this schedule matches your needs, you should think about migrating to Carbonio CE, or contact our Sales team for information about Carbonio subscription. 
As you correctly spotted out, some features like the real-time backup or the Object Store connector are available only via subscription for the Carbonio product and are not available in the Community Edition.

Talking about Backup, the Carbonio CE doesn't provide a specific API for backup. As you noticed, the backup/restore process is not just about making additional copies of the storage.

We are already working to provide an offline/static backup that can be used in case of disaster recovery, even for the Carbonio CE, but honestly, there is not yet an ETA.

All the best,


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Hi, Luca.
I know the thread it's a little bit old by now, but my user got suspended for no reason and then I got it back. Just wanted to thank you for your reply.

I'll be following (and testing) Cabronio very closely. Thanks