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Carbonio CE 23.5 issues

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Hi everyone!

We've just migrated from Zimbra 8.8.12 to Carbonio CE 23.5 and we are having some issues

1) Messages which has been sent from shared mailbox's address are copying to 'Drafts' folder of the sender's mailbox even if his zimbraPrefAutoSaveDraftInterval has been set to 0.

2) When user works with the searh, this error occurs "SoapEngine - handler exception
java.lang.IllegalStateException: !asyncSupported:{inst=true,async=false,src=DESCRIPTOR:file:///opt/zextras/jetty_base/webapps/service/WEB-INF/web.xml}".

3) Attachments preview doesn't work. With JPEG it gives 404 error, with PDF - Object { message: "Invalid PDF structure."}

I've searched a lot, but haven't find a solution. So, does somebody know is there a fix for these issues? Or when it could be fixed?



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4) Attempt to reply on a messages with an empty subject leads to error "n.original.subject is undefined".

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