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Carbonio CE as External Adressbook

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I use Carbonio CE, Scenario A: 5 Nodes.

How can I use my servers as external LDAP adressbook, for example, for Claws-mail client? Or other LDAP browser?

All nodes in scenario , expect Node2 (MTA AV/AS, Proxy) and Node5 (Workstream Collaboration and Video) use privat IP adresses.

I try to connect to Node2 to port 8636, with BindDN uid=user,ou=people,dc=domain,dc=com with my username and domain, but conection to NGINX (stream proxy to local 20006 port) closing immediality.

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Hi !

We have a similar problem.

We are trying to connect to the Carbonio GAL from Thunderbird, and we are following the Zimbra documentation.

In our case, our installation is with a single server. The authentication is configured to access our ActiveDirectory.

Every time we try to access, it asks us for the password, but even if we enter it correctly, it asks us again and again.

Here are some links that we have found regarding this problem and that refer to Zimbra

Thanks !