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HEllo, i would like to know if the OSE community version of carbonio has support for Ldap, Active directory or OIDC and SAML support baked in,


I understand Zimbra supports ldap and AD, are these supported by the community version

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Hi Nitram,

this is Luca, Carbonio's product owner. 

Yes, Carbonio CE includes support to manage authentication using an external LDAP or ActiveDirectory. Every domain can be configured to use a auth provider.

Support for SAML is included in the paid version and it is still possible to configure different SAML IDPs for every domain.

In the end, Global Admin can configure a different authentication process for each domain or customer he manages within the same infrastructure.

By the way, we are still evaluating support for OpenID. I think with SAML we should cover all the needs about authentication, starting with local credentials, but I'd be more than happy to collect your feedback about that.

All the best,


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@luca Hello, is there any howto or reference for configuring carbonio for AD authentication? There are lots of questions in this same forum but none has got answered. Thanks in advance for providing any guide or tip.

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I'm also encountering an LDAP connection issue and receiving the same error in the web interface. I couldn't find any informative error in the log records. Do you have any resources or suggestions that could help me resolve the LDAP connection issue?