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Importing Outlook PST files into Carbonio

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How would someone be able to import outlook pst files into carbonio, is there a way on the admin interface or on the command line to be able to do this.

Would adding an existing outlook mailbox with emails into carbonio server credentials, import those emails into carbonio, o will it delete the emails first, to load afresh.

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Hello @nitram!


pst files are local databases containing data from different accounts and cannot be directly imported in Carbonio at the moment.


To migrate data from an account to another one on Carbonio, I would suggest using software such as IMAPsync, which permits synchronizing folders between two accounts via IMAP protocol.

Another possibility is to import eml files directly in Carbonio's accounts using the `zmmailbox` `addMessage` command.


Hope this helps.

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Has anyone tried to use:

BitRecover PST to Zimbra Wizard?

It works for zimbra?  Do you have a way to use this program?  PST import is a big deal.  I am looking to move over from zimbra, but can't if I don't have a way to move PST files into zimbra for users.

I have used the zimbra migration tool for PST and it worked just fine, but that was with 8.8 not 9.  I am not sure what has changed if that tool would work with 9 or now.  Would you know?


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@nitram if you are looking for free migration.

Configure new Carbonio account to Outlook as IMAP.

Open Outlook, click File > Add account > Manual setup or additional server types > POP or IMAP. For more details, please refer to Add an email account to Outlook.

>> Import the PST into Outlook.

In Outlook, click File > Open & Export > Import from another program or file > Outlook data file (.pst). For more details, please refer to the Import email from an Outlook .pst file.

>> In Outlook, drag and drop each email folder from the PST into the IMAP account.

If you'd like to open PST file in Outlook rather than import (File > Open & Export > Open Outlook Data File), then you can select emails in your PST file by Ctrl + A to copy all messages to your account's folders. Instead of dragging and dropping one by one.