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Save and Leave option does not work!

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OS: Rocky Linux release 8.9 (Green Obsidian)
Carbonio Release 23.11.0
Postgresql 16

[zextras@mail ~]$ zmcontrol status
amavis Running
antivirus Running
directory-server Running
mailbox Running
memcached Running
mta Running
opendkim Running
proxy Running
service webapp Running
service-discover Running
stats Running
config service Running

I do the following steps.

1.- I log in as a user.
2.- I go to settings.
3.- Click on Mails, change some options and then click on accounts
4.- It appears that "You have unsaved changes" I click on save in leave and it actually saves but it does not change the menu and it does not exit either.

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Well... you see... Rocky is not one of the supported Linux Distributions... so you'll have a hard time to get any kind of help for it.

I'll suggest you to reduce your scope of possible problems and also increase your help ratio using Ubuntu 20.04 or RHEL.

I'm using Ubuntu 20.04 and it's working great.


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@anahuac Thanks for responding, I assumed it was because I found this official manual for installation zextras-carbonio-community-edition-on-rocky-linux-8-7-green-obsidian-carbonio-ce/

I will try to migrate to one of the supported distributions, thanks

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