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Change hostname

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I need some more assistance, please. I worked with a friend today to install Carbonio CE so he could migrate from Zimbra.

The installation went as expected. However, after install I noticed some services such as amvis were not running, when I logged into the web admin. I also noticed when trying to add an account and selecting the mail server to add the account to, the mail server shown is "cmail". Not "", as expected. The url when logging out of web admin also uses the host name instead of the FQDN, which generates a browser error when logging out. 

I suspect the services which are not starting is related to the hostname issue as well. My question is, is there a way to change/fix the host name without a full reinstall?

Thanks for any help you can provide. 

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We are sorry to hear that you faced this issue.

Could you please try executing the following commands and share the result here:

lsb_release -a

cat /etc/hostname

cat /etc/hosts


hostname -f

su - zextras -c "zmcontrol -v"

su - zextras -c "zmcontrol status"


Thanks for your effort and understanding.

Thanks and regards,


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Thank you for your help and advice. Normally I would be happy to provide info you asked for, however, I prefer RHEL over Ubuntu. Shortly after making this post, your RHEL version was released and I decided to wipe out server in question and load RHEL version. I have not experienced the issue since. Again, thank you for your help.