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Need I install 'service-discover-agent' to single server?

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According to New Installation guide, I tried installation CE including Files as below.

But, Files compornent page, I can see that I must install 'service-discover-argent' to ProxyNode.

As for me, single server machine environment, Need I install not only 'service-discover-server' but also 'service-discover-argent'?

When my system(Ubuntu20) starts up, two warning messages "failed to start service discover" "failed to start LSB" to be seen.

Is this because of not install 'service-discover-agent'? or Irrelevant?


apt install service-discover-server \
carbonio-directory-server \
carbonio-proxy \
carbonio-webui carbonio-files-ui \
carbonio-admin-login-ui \
carbonio-mta  \
carbonio-appserver carbonio-logger  \
carbonio-user-management \
carbonio-files-ce carbonio-files-db \
carbonio-storage-ce \
carbonio-preview-ce \
carbonio-docs-connector-ce carbonio-docs-editor \

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The issue when OS stat up, system show me "failed to start service discover" "failed to start LSB"


This is the result of journalctl -u carbonio.*


pam_systemd(su-l:session): Failed to create session: Transaction for session-c2.scope/start is destructive (systemd-reboot.service has 'start' job queued, but 'stop' is included in transaction).

info: Stopping services initiated by zmcontrol


Do you know how to fix it?

For now, I must do the command 'systemctl start carbonio' manually...

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instructions for Carbonio CE single server installation already include Carbonio Files, you do not have to install anything else besides the listed packages and following the various steps.