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Passwords and Cookies

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In this time I have been using Carbonio I find this annoying issue with Cookies. Every now and then when I try to login I get the message:

auth credential have expired

And the way to go is cleaning browser cookies. I even installed this Chrome Extension called "Remove 

Cookies for Site" to make it easier. To me personally that's just annoying and I can live with it.... but things got more complex.

We decided to activate the "Minimum password age" so users must renew their passwords every 3 months.

So, when the expiring date comes, the user get's the message "auth credential have expired" as expected, but then Carbonio doesn't open the renew password screen. Users are stuck in that scree where they can't login and they are not asked to renew password.

The renew password screen only shows up if cookies are cleaned 😑 

I know how to handle it, but regular users can't. Most of them doesn't even know Browsers like cookies 🤣 

I would require some special attention to that situation because right now we just can't use the "Minimum password age" feature because of this bug.



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