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service-discover setup-wizard error on Rocky Linux 8

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I was trying to setup Carbonio CE on Rocky Linux 8 but I can't seem to complete the installation. 
When I try to perform service-discover setup-wizard I always get the following error. I try to google around but it seems like I am the only one encountering the issue. Ldap server seems to be running and listening on port 389, is there anyway I can make the error message more verbose ?
[root@bogus ~]# service-discover setup-wizard
ens192 X.X.X.X/24, ffff::ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff/64
Specify the binding address for service discovery: X.X.X.X
Insert the cluster credential password:
service-discover: error: unable to download credentials from LDAP: unable to download data from ldap: expected 1 ldap result but instead got 0

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And Did you resolve problem? I have similar on Rocky, service-discover doesn't start after update and I have broken GUI. Look at: