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Create massive emails accounts.

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Sorry, my english it`s bad, but  I ll try to do my best effort; can anyone help me, I need to create around 1000 emails accounts, someone who help me with a script or what would be the best way to solve it.
Thanks A lot!!!!

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This has been posted in the wrong forum as you've asked a technical question not given feedback.

First of all, you've not mentioned which mail server you're talking about - is it Zimbra, the Zextras product or the Carbonio mail server? It's always wise to post in the correct forum and give details of which product and release you're using. You should also tell us what you've tried so far, have you done a search of the internet for a solution?

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If you have the names/addresses you can do followings:

Step-1. copy them in a single column on notepad++ type editor. Like,

Step-2. prepend "zmprov ca" on each name.

Step-3. append "password" after the address. so finally the format will be:
zmprov ca 123456
zmprov ca 123456

Step-4. Now you have 1000 commands to create those users. execute them in batch of of 50/100.




After the 1st step prepend "ca" on each name and append passwrod after each name and save the file
as userlist.zmp

The content of the userlist.zmp will be like:
ca 123456
ca 123456

Set it's ownership as zimbra.

zmprov -f userlist.zmp

The output will be like,
prov> bf331e1a-fb5a-497e-bf05-6d9bc17dd670
prov> 70cc15f3-8208-4b30-a74d-641a7712f12f
prov> 9996a640-00a4-41aa-acd7-05f5df93a875
prov> f3c3c33e-04ab-476e-bf58-290862738a06
prov> a867b4ff-df1d-4b92-b619-898fe2138015
prov> 799ab378-55e4-4957-ad1f-070a962a01c5

And your accounts will be created.

Hope it helps.