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Current Carbino files is broken

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It seems the Carbino CE version the File upload is broken.  I posted to the forum a week ago. It is clear this project is not far enough along to be used in any kind of production environment.  I would love to help, but was still trying to find my way around the changes made from Zimbra's base code.

The other issue is no way to import pst files to move users into Zextras. So for now I will just have to stay with Zimbra.

I think you guys are going in the correct direction, hopefully more of the community will join and help.

Fabio Knoll
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Hello @dfwtxn

My apologies for the late response.

Thank you very much for the feedback and offer, this is very kind of you and I will forward this along.

In the meantime please allow me to share this page:

I would like to ask if you are still facing issues with Carbonio CE and/or have more suggestions that we could improve our products.

We hope to have Carbonio ready for production environments as soon as possible and it is avaliable for testing. I would recommend however, in the meantime, to use Zimbra OSE and Zextras Suite in production environments.

Kind regards,