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Format problem on zimbra after zextras upgrade

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Hi zextras specialists,

I am new to this community so please move this post to another category if you think it does not belong here.

We have a multi-server installation running CentOS 6 x86_64 on 17 Zimbra servers of which 7 are mailbox servers.
We run Zimbra 8.0.8 OSE and ZeXtras 2.4.0 .

Since the last zextras update we are experiencing a rather strange problem. We have some emails that are automatically generated from Siebel and are sent to some users. After the upgrade those mails appear rather unformatted when you read them from zimbra webmail. I have contacted the person responsible for Siebel and asked if anything has changed but I got a negative answer.

Users that are trying to read those emails see "The message has no text content" above the unformatted email. So I asked for two txt dumps from 2
emails, one that has this problem and one that doesn't. The headers and the format of the emails look similar. I also cut off the base64 encoded message and successfully decode it on terminal, formating was correct. Also old emails received before the update look ok, only new ones have this

So I am willing to ask if someone else has this problem and if there is a way to resolve it.



Posted : 09/28/2016 15:13