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I have tried contacting sales and support for a week but have had no response.

I have some Zextras 2.** licences and now 3 has come out I am confused.

My licence says I am free to upgrade to the latest version but because the modules and packages have altered I can now no longer buy Mobile and HSM the oly package I an use that allows me buying more modules is the most expensive which is 3 times the price I have currently paid per mail box.

I'm no averse to upgrading to the Pro version now on offer but don't want to yet as if I do I would like to utilise the features upon rollout.

If I upgrade my current install to 2.** will my install work ? the new licencing says I need the pro version for HSM and Mobile, my licence says I'm entitled to upgrades.

What about buying new licences for my current Systsem, I was in the process of moving 150 Mailboxes over but can't complete that now as I can't buy any more licences.

What do I so ?

Posted : 08/14/2019 10:17