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Total nonsense, losing potential customers

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I was surprised when I tried to install my new license for ZxMobile. I bought 40 license for 40 mailboxes, but when I tried to upload the license .zx file, an alert told be that I had too many mailboxes for the license I just bought. WOW ?

We have 160 mailboxes. Some are for shared calendars without any human, some are for our printers when they send an email (from a scan). We also have a in-house policy where we need to create a mailbox for everyone, even janitors who can't even read. It does not make sense to buy a license for them.

Maybe it's my fault, I didn't see the the text (on the page where we choose the number of license) that says we need to equal the number of mailboxes. This text rotates with an ad, of course some people won't see it..

Too bad, you will probably lose me as a customer, so as many others with this rule.

Meh. :confused:

Posted : 11/28/2013 08:41