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CPU Load 100% on fresh installed ubuntu 16.04 / zimbra 8.8.10 / zextras 2.10.0


Hello friends,

cpu load is at 100% but the system has nothing to do (see attachement). the OS has been new installed and has no users yet!
I can not detect any obvious errors in the log, otherwise everything works just the CPU utilization is much too high! before the
installation of the zextras the CPU utilization was about 2-5%!

OS: Ubuntu 16.04.5
Zimbra: 8.8.10
Zextras 2.10.0

any ideas ?

UPDATE: after uninstall zextras the CPU load is back to normal:
13474 zimbra 20 0 13.176g 2.076g 23080 S 2.3 6.6 0:51.36 java

Topic starter Posted : 12/10/2018 12:11 pm