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Uninstall ZeXtras Suite and install Zimbra Suite Plus - is it possible?


Hello everyone,

we are using Zimbra 8.8.7 Open Source Edition on one of our servers.

Accidentally, we installed the ZeXtras package 2.6.6 from https://www.zextras.com/download/ before obtaining a valid license for Zimbra Suite Plus. After trying to install the license file, the following error message was shown:

"The uploaded license is not valid. Please, check the license file.
This license is not valid for ZeXtras Suite, please install Zimbra Suite Plus to use this license"

Unfortunately, we already migrated 114 mailboxes (~ 400 GB) to the server and it is already in productive use.

The main question is: How can we uninstall ZeXtras Suite and install Zimbra Suite Plus in order to use the corresponding product we bought a license for. As the installed modules (especially Powerstore/HSM+) are changing the behaviour of some core components in Zimbra, we worry about fatal consequences a simple uninstallation of ZeXtras (followed by an installation of Zimbra Suite Plus) may have.

As it seems, the competing products ZeXtras Suite and Zimbra Suite Plus are very similar (except the branding). So, we hope that the core functionality of the products is (nearly) identical in order to swap the products without consequences.

Could you provide us more information on how to migrate from ZeXtras Suite to Zimbra Suite Plus without data loss and without a critical service outage (a downtime in order to uninstall and install the products would be possible, though).

Many thanks in advance for your assistance!

Best regards,
David Lehmann

Topic starter Posted : 12/07/2018 11:11 am