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ZCS 8.4.4 & zextras


A new GA (sort of) release of ZCS 8.8.4 has been made available, it's sort of described as an RC2 - is there a new release of ZeXtras being made available for this version of ZCS? Needless to say I installed the new release and totally forgot about there being no ZeXtras available and I'm left in the position of not being able to install the current version of ZeXtras. I know, a foolish error. 😮

I forgot to add that this is the error that's thrown:

Downloading the ZAL library. It might take a few minutes ...
** GET http://openzal.org/2.0/zal-2.0-8.8.4.jar ==> 404 Not Found
404 Not Found at bin/get_zal.pl line 49.
Topic starter Posted : 09/15/2017 21:53