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I am trying to migrate a single, Zimbra 7.2 Open Source from Ubuntu 10.04 64-bit to Zimbra 8.5 Open Source on Ubuntu 14.04 64-bit. The DESTINATION server has a temporary name and I will change the name to the SOURCE server as soon as the restore/import is done.

All ZeXtras installed (ZxMig on SOURCE, ZxSuite on DESTINATION) and successfully exported the COS using ZxMig from the web interface. :) I have a couple of questions I hope I can get some help with:

1) We don't need incremental migration, we can have downtime for scheduled maintenance to do the export and import. I did the ZxMig export while my SOURCE server was "live". This means that mail was coming-in during the export. Is there a way to bring the SOURCE Zimbra down enough so mail is not received but still able to perform the export so there is no mail missed by the export?

2) My SOURCE:/opt/zimbra/store is 24GB and my SOURCE:/opt/zimbra/backup/export is 18GB. Is this normal? Which one of the two directories (or both) do I need to copy over to DESTINATION:/opt/zimbra/migration (I will use rsync) so I can restore to the DESTINATION server (in other words, what does the 'ferry' supposed to contain)?

3) Do I need to create system-level (/etc/passwd) users or Zimbra mail accounts on DESTINATION before the import/restore or ZxBackup will create those being imported?

4) I would like to migrate the certificates from the old to the new server (all certificates, domains etc will be the same). Is there a way to do this without having to re-install the certificates (it was painful the first time around), just by copying the right /opt/zimbra subdirectories?

Thank you for your help.

PS: Impressed by the tools. We will most likely buying the backup tool, no more daily/weekly mail backup acrobatics for me...:)

Topic starter Posted : 12/08/2014 23:01