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No accounts found in zxMig export

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I have a few small domains on one server. Used zxMig to export all domains separately. Tested some imports yesterday as a test. All worked fine, all accounts found.
Today I reran export for one domain that has two large accounts (mail, calendar etc). Export shows results:
- stats -
accounts: 5
skipped accounts(by COS): 0
metadata: 10975
files: 9263
checked items: 10975
backup path: /opt/zimbra/backup/DOMAINNAME
skipped items: 0
I/O read exception: 0
num skipped files: 0
items/sec: 974

There is 942Mb in this directory.

But when I import this into my new server, no accounts are found. There should be 4 in there.

Am I doing something wrong? Is there only export of today's data (then the file number is huge for just one day). Any log I can check more?

tia, Michel

Posted : 12/10/2017 18:31