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ZxMig, Network Edition and Shared Ressources

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We have to migrate a domain from one zimbra server to an other one.
the source server is not a zimnbra network edition, but the destination server is a network edition.

First, we thought about the zimbra to zimbra migration ( https://wiki.zimbra.com/wiki/Zimbra_to_Zimbra_Migration ) but it's not recommended.

Second, we thought about export/import mailbox with zmmailbox, like that : https://syslint.com/blog/tutorial/zimbr ... ct-method/
We try this procedure and there is one thing missing : All the shared resources.
The links between the accounts for sharing resources (like calendar) are broken.

1 - Someone told me about ZxMig. We can use ZxMig to export correctly my entire domain with shared ressources not broken ?

I look at ZxBackup for the destination backup, I have see that the ZxBackup are not compatible with Network Edition.
2 - Can we export with ZxMig and Import with the Backup NG module of the Network Edition ?

Thank you in advance.
Best Regards.

Posted : 03/27/2020 15:42