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How To Modify Existing S3 Backup Volume to Use Intelligent Tiering?

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Trying to figure out how to modify an existing backup volume on S3 to use intelligent tiering.

I've tried to update the bucket with "zxsuite core" but that generates a syntax error.

$ zxsuite core doUpdateBucket S3 uuid_of_the_bucket use_intelligent_tiering true
Invalid Syntax: com.zextras.lib.Error.TooManyArgumentsError: Error: too many arguments, or optional argument without parameter name in front of it
zxsuite core doUpdateBucket S3 {bucket_configuration_id} [attr1 value1 [attr2 value2...]]

"zxsuite hsm getallvolumes" doesn't list backup volumes on S3.

Has anyone else done this?


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Hello Mark,

at the moment it's not possible to modify the intelligent tiering setting for backup S3 volumes. I've opened an RFE to the Product Owner asking to permit this.


To list backup S3 volumes you can run `zxsuite config server get $(zmhostname) attribute backupArchivingStore`.


Hope this helps.