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Impossible to delete a S3 volume

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Using ZX 3.11.0 on 9.0.0.ZEXTRAS.20210811.UBUNTU18.64 FOSS


It seems impossible to delete a volume binded to a S3 bucket :

zxsuite powerstore doDeleteVolume store-test

Unknown Exception org.openzal.zal.exceptions.ZimbraException: com.zimbra.common.service.ServiceException: system failure: closing database connection
ExceptionId:ZxLink Handler Thread6dd0a00271525e4a


In the mailboxd.log, with ZX set to debug mode, I only have this line :

2022-06-27 2019,000 INFO [ZxLink Handler Thread] [tid=97;] extensions - ZeXtras Suite API Manager: Exec: ZxPowerstore/doDeleteVolume


And each time I try, I can see a line like this one, not sure it's linked :

2022-06-27 2033,316 INFO [ZxLink Handler Thread] [] sqltrace - Slow execution (2589ms): SELECT * FROM mboxgroup55.mail_item WHERE locator=5 LIMIT 1


Anyway, the problem here is once a bucket is binded to a volume, it is impossible to delete the volume and thus, the bucket. The only solution I have is to restore the VM previous snapshot....


Thanks for your help


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Each Zimbra installation can use one or more primary volumes and one or more secondary volumes. The purpose of the Zextras Powerstore module is to manage different types of volumes and data saved on them.
Items can be moved according using the HSM (Hierarchical Storage Management), a policy-based technique: one of the most useful is for example to reserve the most performing storage for intensive I/O operation and for data with frequent access, while the less performing will manage older data.