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Impossible to delete a S3 volume

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Using ZX 3.11.0 on 9.0.0.ZEXTRAS.20210811.UBUNTU18.64 FOSS


It seems impossible to delete a volume binded to a S3 bucket :

zxsuite powerstore doDeleteVolume store-test

Unknown Exception org.openzal.zal.exceptions.ZimbraException: com.zimbra.common.service.ServiceException: system failure: closing database connection
ExceptionId:ZxLink Handler Thread6dd0a00271525e4a


In the mailboxd.log, with ZX set to debug mode, I only have this line :

2022-06-27 2019,000 INFO [ZxLink Handler Thread] [tid=97;] extensions - ZeXtras Suite API Manager: Exec: ZxPowerstore/doDeleteVolume


And each time I try, I can see a line like this one, not sure it's linked :

2022-06-27 2033,316 INFO [ZxLink Handler Thread] [] sqltrace - Slow execution (2589ms): SELECT * FROM mboxgroup55.mail_item WHERE locator=5 LIMIT 1


Anyway, the problem here is once a bucket is binded to a volume, it is impossible to delete the volume and thus, the bucket. The only solution I have is to restore the VM previous snapshot....


Thanks for your help