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Restore folder?

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I am running Zimbra FOSS v9.0 latest patches and also Zextras 3.1.11 (lastest). 

Yesterday I noticed a mail folder present in Trash. My family and I work with 1 account and my wifes folder was moved. After investigation I saw in mailbox.log that her iPhone moved serveral mails en folders (imap). Without her knowing. (serious)

I restored mail from yesterday 0.00hrs but the folders and mails are not all retrieved. Zextras retention policy is 30days and the mails/folder should be in the backup. I got around 800 mails, in a separate folder in Labels. The folders and mails are not present. Only recent mails (days)

I am puzzled. The info should be in the backups en retrievable.... Please help. How do I get the folders and mail back?

Yesterday I made on Export backup from Zextras admin console to be sure.

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Undeleted Items allows to recover individual items (including, e.g., emails, calendar events, contacts, task, drive items) that have been (manually) removed from the Trash folder, without the need to restore the account.

Make sure after deletion mails and folders, I hope Smartscan was run before restoring the account data.

Also it's suggested to restore from oldest till latest backup.