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2FA authentification

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Please anybody help me. I want to know about setting trusted device base authentification.

Only trusted devices allow to zimbra's webpage per domains, how should I do?

I tried these command

zxsuite auth policy set WebUI domain 2fa_policy 2

zxsuite auth policy set ZmWebUI domain 2fa_policy 2

and, I set mobile passwd in AdminPage, and ExchangeAccount was set in my iPhone and secceeded sync, deviceID was found in AdminPage.


I have thought that I could get OTP by Mail which is configured in iPhone.

By using OTP, I can access webpage ,I have thought.

But, this idea might be wrong...

I just want to allow Only trusted PC(or phone or tablet) . Just Trusted Devices.


I dont know and dont need SAML and so on.

Just Trusted Devices.

and Who judge -Trusted-? admin?


I beg your advices.  


Md. Shariful Islam
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Hi Funifuni,

Sorry for the issue you are facing.

If you are a Zextras Suite paid subscriber, please do not hesitate to contact on our support portal and open a ticket.

Support Portal Link

Thanks for being with us.

Thanks and regards,