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About dedicated video server for Zextras Suite

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I'll try to install dedicated video server for Zextras zimbra9.

So I have a question.

According to https://docs.zextras.com/suite/html/videoserver.html

This system is required Public IP address.and I have two static global IP addresses.

Those 2IP addresses is send to respective Local IPs(ex. 192.168.xx.xx and 192.168.yy.yy) by router.

Does dedicated video server need to assign global IP? or Local IP is OK?


I want to assign local IP(A) which is port-forwarded from global IP(A')---its role is for Zextras zimbra9 itself,

and similarly assign local IP(B) which is port-forwarded from global IP(B')--- its role is for dedicated video server and Doc server. 

Why must I combine video server with Doc server? because I have two virtual servers, only two, due to system limitations.

Is this operation O.K.? or not?

Or should video server be assigned directly global(Public) IP?

If local IP is OK and both video and docs server will be working well at the same machine, I want to do so!


Please teach me.