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Connect Zextras Docs Node to Server Zimbra Mailbox

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Hello .. I need help to finish connecting the Zextras Docs node with the zimbra Mailbox server .. the documentation is quite basic and there are not many cases on the internet to help (or I did not get them)

There is no way to validate Ldap tells me every time I try that the configuration is not correct and I get it in the mailbox server by executing

zmlocalconfig -s ldap_master_url zimbra_ldap_user zimbra_ldap_userdn zimbra_ldap_password

I enter the data generated by this command in the Zextras Doc node but it never manages to validate the error it shows is

Trying to connect to LDAP ... FAILED (Can't contact LDAP server)
Configuration is incorrect

Port 389 and the Ldap service are open on the mailbox server.

I would appreciate your comments and experiences



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Hello @elderf,

First of all, I would check if your Docs server can actually resolve and connect to the LDAP server.

Two useful commands to debug this could be 

nc -zv 389
ldapsearch -H ldap:// -w p4ssw0rd -D uid=zimbra,cn=admins,cn=zimbra

Please remember to change the commands according to the output of zmlocalconfig.

If you're using LDAPS with self-signed certs, a workaround is running the Docs installation this way:


Hope this helps.

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Hello @elderf,

just to remind you that our technical support is available for every customer here

You have only to open a ticket to get a faster answer.