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Powerstore on not very reliable storage

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Hi everybody, on my Powerstore setup I added a volume on a remote NAS, where I store extremely old emails.

Sometimes this NAS goes offline and I have to restart it; when it is offline, some user can not send emails because an error popup regarding missing BLOB appears on their Zimbra webmail. They are able to write new emails only when that NAS is back online.

So my question is: do all secondary volumes need to be online to have a correct behavior of Powerstore? Or is there an option to ignore errors caused by that NAS?

Fabio Knoll
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Hello Cinmar,
thank you for reaching out to us!

If I understand your case correctly the missing blob error mentioned is the result of the NAS going offline.

Meaning that blobs located within the volume become inaccessible and users will get a Missing Blobs error while opening messages.

Regarding users not being able to write new emails, and volume settings I would like to investigate this issue more in-depth and ask if you could please open a ticket on our support platform:

Thank you in advance, looking forward to assisting!