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7.2.6_UBUNTU10NE -> 8.8.10_UBUNTU16NE upgrade path

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I'm planning a migration from the ancient 7.2.6 to 8.8.10 on an obviously upgraded OS. I'm going to use Zextras migration tool 🙏🏻, but I noticed form the compatibility list I have to use different Zextras version for the two.

First: are backups produced with legacy versions compatible with current release?

Second question: if I got the compatiblity list above right, the current version of Zextras is not installable on Zimbra NE. In this configuration I suppose the best way is to install 8.8.10 OSE, migrate all the stuff and then reinstall 8.8.10 NE. The other option would be to migrate to 8.7.11 and follow with an 8.8 upgrade, but this is more dangerous imho.

Are my assumptions right?

P.S. I don't understand what's the meaning of the first column in the compatibility list table. What is Zextras Suite Build in Zimbra versions?

Posted : 11/27/2018 17:39