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rsync of backups/extras increases in size at target


Dear Zextras friends,

I was setting up the rsync backup script (from my production server to an NFS-mounted filesystem off the backup server) and wanted to test the rsync speed.

# rsync -av /opt/zimbra/backup /Backups/ZIMBRA/backuptest

When finished, I checked the size of the two directories:

  • /opt/zimbra/backup is 9.9GB
  • /Backups/ZIMBRA/backuptest is 40 GB (!!!!)

I have searched high and low in /opt/zimbra/backup for any symlinks (or hard links) that could explain /Backups/ZIMBRA/backuptest blowing up in size (by copying over also the targets of the links during rsync) but have found nothing! I would like to remove the /Backups/ZIMBRA/backuptest but now I am worried that if I: rm -rf backuptest I may remove files on the server that are symbolically linked.

I would be grateful if I could understand the reason for this file growth and then figure out how to safely remove the rsync-ed directory tree in the target. Has anyone seen this behavior before?

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you for any help!

Topic starter Posted : 05/30/2015 04:00