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Sync Issues Zimbra 8.0.3 with ZeXtras 1.8.3


Running Zimbra 8.0.3 open source with ZeXtras 1.8.3

Client issues regardless of the phones or OS:
Calendar invitations are missing the respond options to either Accept, Tentative, Decline, or Propose New Time. (bug opened)

Clients running Android 4.1.2 have following issues:
Modified or new calendar tasks are not synced with the server.
Modified calendar entries are automatically re-modified using the server version.
New calendar entries are automatically deleted on the next sync.
Contacts are properly sync during first (initial) sync, but during each next sync the contacts are gone from the phone and no longer synced. If I edit and re-save each contacts on the server than they will sync properly.

I tried to reset and remove the devices in ZxMobile but the problem will reoccur within 5 minutes.

General Feedback:
Clients ability to run Outlook and have ability to sync with Zimbra is a must in corporate environment. Telling any client that they will no longer be able to use Outlook with the same sync capabilities as they use to for many years is a deal breaker. Our understanding is that Zimbra Network edition is able to deliver this. ZeXtras should explore Outlook sync options.

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Topic starter Posted : 03/30/2013 17:29