How to Upgrade Zextras Theme for Zimbra

Zextras theme is a modern-looking theme for Zimbra compatible with Zimbra 8.6 and above. Zextras theme:

  • is extremely elegant, no other available themes get even close to it,
  • does not change any classic UI element or functionality, so you don’t need to spend any time getting accustomed to it,
  • provides more proportional buttons, better visibility, and readability for the users.

Zextras released the new version (version 1.01) of the Zextras theme for Zimbra with Zextras Suite 8.1.10 and will be updated regularly in the future. If you purchase Zextras Suite 3.1.10 you’ll get the Zextras theme 1.01. However, it does not mean those who don’t own Zextras Suite cannot use the theme. Zextras theme is free and system administrators can easily install it on the Zimbra server to enable it for the users.

How to upgrade to Zextras theme 1.01

The upgrade process is almost the same as the installation which is explained thoroughly in How to Install Zextras Theme for Zimbra. The only difference is that instead of restarting mailmoxd you must invalidate the skin cache on all mailboxd servers.

If you are a system administrator who has already installed the Zextras theme separately but wants to upgrade to the new one, you only need to:

Here is how you do it in detail

1. On your Zimbra server download the Zextras theme 1.01 package by:

on Ubuntu


on CentOS


2. Extract the downloaded package by

on Ubuntu

tar xvf zextras-theme-ubuntu.tgz

on CentOS

tar xvf zextras-theme-centos.tgz

3. Go to the extracted directory

cd zextras-theme-installer

4. Execute the installation script

sudo ./

5. Invalidate the skin cache on all mailboxd servers

zmprov fc skin

Now your users can use the new Zextras theme from Preferences, under Appearance.

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