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Roots of Cloud Computing and Data Privacy Concerns | Blog

Cloud computing is getting more and more popular due to allowing clients to access computing services conveniently through the Internet. Here we can consider the internet as the medium to...
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Meeting Rooms

Meeting rooms are one of the most important features of our communication system. This functionality greatly improves the way users communicate with their colleagues. Here you can find a practical...
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Zextras Suite 3.7.0 | Blog

Zextras Suite 3.7.0 has been released for Zimbra. Here are all the new and updated features. Customers can upgrade the Zextras Suite for Zimbra by logging into their account on...
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Best Authentication Methods for Zimbra – System Administrators’ Most Requested Features | Zimbra

Zimbra OSE is a complete email solution. It offers lots of customization compared to G Suit and M365. Still, it needs some attention from the system admins perspective to make...
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External Content Extractor for Zimbra with Zextras Suite | Zimbra

Data extraction is the process of collecting unstructured data of various types from numerous different sources. Much of this data can be unorganized or of non-standard structure, but still, using...
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Zimbra OSE Backing Up And Restoring Process | Zimbra

In my future series of articles onmost requested features by Zimbra admins, I will discuss the details about the advantage and disadvantages of various manually created backup and restoration process...
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