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SSL Certificates | Zimbra

We know how important security is at all levels, and especially when it comes to communication between different systems across a network connection. In this case, there are technological standards...
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Zimbra User Guide: Managing Contacts | Zimbra

Hello and welcome! In this article we are going to see together how to manage contacts in Zimbra. Let's start by saying that Zimbra supports two types of contact lists:...
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Zimbra Best Practices: Improve outgoing Email Security | Zimbra

Today, in this article, we want to cover an interesting aspect to be considered once you have Zimbra installed: how to improve the security of the emails you send. Zimbra...
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Zimbra Best Practices: Incoming Mail Protection | Zimbra

I believe that one of the most important aspects related to e-mail is security management, both in terms of possible attacks, such as malware or viruses, and in terms of...
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MTA: A General Overview | Zimbra

Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) is a software that transfers e-mail messages from one computer to another via SMTP. Mail Routing Scenarios We want to introduce you to some pretty common...
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External Restore performance optimization | Zimbra

How we made the restore performance 20 times faster! As Product Owner of Backup, I'm thrilled to announce that with release 3.1.11, a redesigned and faster External Restore has been...
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