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Managing Calendar Resources | Zimbra

A calendar resource is actually a location or an equipment that can be scheduled for a meeting. Each of these is set up as a resource account. We have seen...
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The Importance of Keeping Up with the Latest Updates | Zimbra

Today we want to talk about a very important aspect that should not be underestimated when using Zimbra OSE and Zextras Suite: upgrading.Many of you will wonder why it is...
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Upgrading Zimbra on Oracle Linux | Zimbra

This guide will show you how to upgrade (major.minor changes) and update (patches) Zimbra on your Oracle Linux from an older version (previous to 8.8.15) to the latest one. What we are...
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Zimbra installation on Oracle Linux | Zimbra

With the upcoming end of the official support for CentOS Linux, as we have seen in the article “CentOS is dying: What's next?”, it is likely that there will be...
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Autodiscover Configuration | Zimbra

Zimbra Autodiscover is a very useful function that can be used on any mail client that support it, both mobile and local. It works using EAS (Exchange ActiveSync) Protocol and...
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Backup Mismatch Scenarios | Zimbra

When performing backup operations, it is possible to experience mismatches in production data, in the backup itself, or between the two environments. In this article we are going to introduce...
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