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Zextras Address Book Feature

The collaboration system of any firm heavily depends on its global address list (GAL) which is a shared address book containing information about employees’ job title, location, phone numbers, and...
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How to Change Password in Zimbra

If you ever need to change your password for security reasons, you can do that from the Zimbra Web Client as long as you are logged in and have access...
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How to Filter Email Messages in Zimbra

Email filters help you to better manage your emails. For example, you can find all emails you receive about a certain project in the relevant folder simply by creating a...
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How to Share Your Calendars in Zimbra

Sharing calendars can be a very effective tool to improve your work efficiency. This feature enables you to easily see when your teammates are free so that you can create...
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How to Add Address Books at Domain and Global Level with Zextras Mobile

Zextras Suite introduces a feature called Address Book which defines an emulated LDAP server that acts as a public address book, in order to access the Zimbra Global Address List (GAL),...
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Sizing Zimbra Infrastructures — Part 1

When speaking to Customers and other SysAdmins, one of the “TopTen most frequent questions” is, “How to correctly size my Zimbra infrastructure?”. As you can imagine, the answer is not...
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