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VMWare Virtual Networking | Zimbra

In this article we are going to take an overview on how to configure your network using VMware Player to create your Virtual Machines. Network Adapter Configuration VMWare player let...
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How to Upgrade Zextras Theme for Zimbra | Zimbra

Zextras theme is a modern-looking theme for Zimbra compatible with Zimbra 8.6 and above. This theme: is extremely elegant, no other available themes get even close to it,does not change...
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Zimbra Disaster Recovery with Zextras Suite | Zimbra

Step by step guide to Zimbra Disaster Recovery using Zimbra suite. How to manage a disaster recovery in Zimbra In a previous article, we’ve seen some disaster scenarios that can...
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Zextras Suite 3.1.10 | Blog

Zextras Suite 3.1.10 has been released. Here are all the new and updated features including the Beta features. Customers can upgrade the Zextras Suite by logging into their account on our...
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CentOS is dying: What’s next? | Blog

Ok Ok, I know. CentOS will not really die, but for sure it will no longer be the one we know and have come to appreciate over the years. Last...
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MailboxMove | Zimbra | Zimbra

Mailbox Move is a function present in Zextras Powerstore. Through the command doMailboxMove, an action is performed to let you move all of the accounts inside a domain or a...
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