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Zimbra User Guide: Reading your mail | Zimbra

Hi and welcome to a new chapter in the Mail Management user guide series. In this article we are going to show the various possibilities you can have to read...
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Zimbra User Guide: How to manage your email | Zimbra

Here we are again ! Ready for another stage in our journey to discover the Zimbra Web Client. In the previous one, we discovered how to handle your account with...
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Zextras Hierarchical Storage Management for Zimbra | Zimbra

Currently, the most common practice to achieve acceptable fault tolerance in a mail server is using RAID volumes. Besides all the stability the RAID system brings us, there is a...
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Zimbra OSE Backup on External Storage with Zextras | Zimbra

Email backup is an essential part of any business infrastructure. Even a single email can contain some critical data that might be crucial for business continuity. Backup as a means...
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Zimbra CLI Commands: Distribution List | Zimbra

A distribution list is a mail address which contains a group of email addresses. When a user send a message to a distribution list, he’s going to send it to...
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Zimbra CLI Commands: COS | Zimbra

The Class of Service (COS) determines which default attributes an account has and which features are enabled or disallowed. COS controls features, mailbox quotas, message duration, password restrictions, which Zimlets...
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