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Zimbra User Guide: Managing SPAM | Zimbra

Hi there! Here we are again, with another chapter in the Mail Management series. This time we are going to talk about SPAM! We will guide you through all the...
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Zextras goes remote (if you want) | Blog

2020 was a really educational experience for us. Our company grew not only in numbers, but also as we learnt how to be organized without being physically together. This opened...
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Local Backup vs Cloud Backup | Blog

I’d like to start with a consideration. The recent news about OVH Cloud Datacenter fire disaster has certainly put the spotlight on the issue of data backup and storage and...
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Zextras Backup Path | Zimbra

With this article, we would like to give you an overview of the features and structure of the backup path in Zextras. Data Organization We are now going to have...
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Zimbra database structure for mailbox | Zimbra

In this article we are going to analyze how the zimbra database is structured for the management of mailbox accounts. WARNING: In this article we are going to work directly...
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Sizing Zimbra Infrastructures — Part 2 | Zimbra

Expanding Zimbra storage using HSM policies In the Part 1 of this series, we introduced the HSM architectural pattern. Let’s talk about how Zextras implements it into the Zimbra ecosystem....
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