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How to syncronize Zimbra with Outlook | Zimbra

Learn how to sync Zimbra with Outlook using Zextras Suite features: non only mail but also calendars and tasks! Zimbra with Outlook As we have seen in this "Zextras mobile...
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Zextras Mobile Sync | Blog

Mobile synchronization for mail and shared items is nowadays something very important. Almost everyone owns a smartphone and use it to check his mail, share attachments, calendars, contacts while moving....
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Mail Protocols | Blog

Let's take a brief overview of the main mail protocols that allow synchronization and configuration of messages on different platforms, both on PC and via mobile. POP3 vs IMAP vs...
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Enabling CBPolicyD (Cluebringer PolicyD) WebUI | Zimbra

PolicyD v2 (codenamed "cluebringer") is a multi-platform policy server for popular MTAs. This policy daemon is designed mostly for large-scale mail hosting environments. The main goal is to implement as...
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Zimbra CLI Commands: Zmprov | Zimbra

This article is part of a series of guides on how to use the Command-Line utility in Zimbra. We are going to see how to manage the most common administrative...
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Zextras Address Book Feature | Zimbra

The collaboration system of any firm heavily depends on its global address list (GAL) which is a shared address book containing information about employees’ job title, location, phone numbers, and...
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